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Silicone elastic cord extension strap

$5.00 USD
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Black 40PCS
Transparent blue 50pcs
Transparent 30PCS
Black 5PCS
Pack A
Pink 10PCS
Transparent 5PCS
Blue 5PCS
Blue 4pc
Transparent blue 4pcs
Black 4pc
Blue 10PCS
Pink 5PCS
Pink 20PCS
Transparent 4pcs
Black 20PCS
Grey 3pcs
Grey 4pcs
Pink 40PCS
Blue 30PCS
Pink 50pcs
Pink 2pcs
Transparent 10PCS
Pack B
Grey 2pcs
Transparent 3pcs
Purple 4pc
Blue 40PCS
Pink 4pcs
Black 30PCS
Transparent 4pc
Transparent 50pcs
Grey 4pc
Transparent 2pcs
Blue 20PCS
Pink 30PCS
Transparent blue 3pcs
Pink 3pcs
Grey 50pcs
Transparent blue 4pc
Transparent 20PCS
Transparent blue
Grey 10pcs
Transparent blue 2pcs
Black 10PCS
Red 4pc
Pink 4pc
Transparent 40PCS
Grey 5pcs
Silicone elastic cord extension strap

Width: 1.5cm
Type: Mask artifact
Product Name: Elastic Band
Scope of application: common to all masks

Main raw material: silica gel

Color: red, purple, gray, blue, black, pink, transparent, transparent blue

Pack A: 1 Grey, 1 Red, 1 Black, 1 Blue

Pack B: 1 Grey, 1 Light blue, 1 Pink, 1 Transparent

$5.00 USD

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