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PH Test Paper Urine Alkaline Indicator Paper

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Total length: approx. 5 meters
PH range: 0-14


1. With different color PH scales for comparison of results.
2. The color change of the test paper must match the pH scale colorimetric chart within about 15 seconds.
3. Fast and easy to use.
4. Provide reliable and accurate pH readings.
5. Easy to carry.
6. It is suitable for testing the alkalinity or acidity level of any liquid.
7. Good products available in every laboratory and home for measuring and checking water quality, urine, saliva, soil, alkaline diet, aquariums, etc.
8. Very suitable for science education.

1. Take out a test paper.
2.All 2 color blocks are immersed in the liquid.
3.Take it out after 1 seconds and compare the color readings within 30 seconds.

Scale reading from 0 to 14:
0-3 means very acidic substance
4-6 means acidic substance
7 means neutral
8-11 means alkalinity
12-14 means very high alkalinity

When the density is lower than 0.01%, it cannot represent acid or alkali solution.
The rest of the paper is kept dry.
Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 0-1cm.
Since the monitors are not calibrated the same, the colors of the items shown in the photos may be slightly different on your computer monitor.

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