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Pedal Sill Strip Anti-Scratch Bright Strip Decorative Sticker

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Pedal Sill Strip Anti-Scratch Bright Strip Decorative Sticker

Product Information:

Material: Stainless steel
1. The surface is clean. The surface of the paste must be kept absolutely clean and dry,--generally clean
You can use a non-fiber cloth dipped in 50% alcohol, isopropanol, acetone or
The toluene solution should be scrubbed, and the surface cleaned by the solvent must be thoroughly cleaned by the solvent
It can be pasted after playing.
2. The product is pasted, the product must be placed in the place where it needs to be installed before the product is pasted
Adjusted well,
After confirming the installation position of the product, tear off the red film and paste it
Avoid contact between your fingers and the rubber surface during operation, and apply force after the product is pasted
To ensure full contact and wetting of the rubber surface.
3. After the product and the parts are pasted, it should not be in contact with water and large dust within 24 hours
The best adhesion can be achieved.

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