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Oral curing light

$25.00 USD
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Functions and features:
Bright ABS spraying shell;
5W high power LED;
High pass transparent glass fiber (with 12mm light guide rod);
Selection of three working modes;
Super battery capacity: lithium ion battery 3.7V, 2200ma / h;
Optical power: more than 1600MW / C m2;
Super long standby time: more than 90 days
① 5W high power LED lamp, high transmittance glass fiber
② Strong light, gradually bright, flashing three working mode selection
③ Adjust the working time manually, there is a prompt tone 5 seconds apart. After power off, you can still remember the adjusted working time and working mode
④ It has the function of preventing short circuit. If the key is placed carelessly, the system will shut down automatically
⑤ Automatic standby, automatic shutdown
⑥ Super capacity lithium battery, can stand by for a long time
⑦ Suitable for a variety of brands of resin.

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