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Mobile Phone External Card Slot Artifact External Extension Cord Card Decal Card Opening Card Holder

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Product information:

Sim-extender is an adapter that allows you to simultaneously use two SIM cards and a micro-sd memory card in your dual SIM mobile phone.
It is not necessary to choose between two active SIM cards or a single SIM and a micro-sd.
With the SIM card expansion adapter, you can get both SIMs and micro-sd card together.
Sim-extender is suitable for dual SIM smartphones and tablets that have a dual SIM hybrid slot.
By using sim-extender, it is now possible to place your two SIM cards and your micro-sd together, directly in the hybrid dual SIM slot of your mobile.
Take advantage of the dual SIM function of your phone as well as the SD card memory with SIM card extension.
Very easy to install, the SIM extension adapter takes place directly in the hybrid dual SIM slot under the micro-sd card.
It allows you to connect both your SIM cards to your smartphone while keeping the micro-sd card in its slot


Use model:
Honor X2, Media Pad X2, Media Pad M3, Roll M2 Youth Edition, Honor Note 8, Honor 6Plus, Honor 7i, Honor 8, Honor 8 Youth Edition,
Honor 9, Honor 9 Youth Edition, Honor 9i, Honor V8, Honor V9/V9 Play, Honor V10, Mate S, Mate 7, Mate 8, Mate 9, Honor Note 8, Honor Note 10,
Série G7, série G9, série P6 (édition télécommunication) P7, série P8, série P9, série P10, 199S (maimang 3S), maize 4, maize 5, maize 6 Gloezire Profitel 6 Gloire Profitel de Glory, Profiter 7 Honor Enjoy 7S, Honor Enjoy 7 Plus, Honor Enjoy 5C, Honor Enjoy 6A, Honor Enjoy 6X, Honor Enjoy 7X, Series 1, 3E, Honor Enjoy 7S, Honor Enjoy 7S
Redmi 3, Redmi 3S, Redmi 3X, Redmi 3 Netcom, Redmi 4, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4X, Redmi 4 Version Advanced Correspondence, Redmi Note3 Netcom, Redmi Note4, Redmi Note5, Redmi Mi Pro, Mi 4S, Max1, Max2, Max3, 5X, Redmi 5a, Redmi 5Plus, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A
Meilan 2, Meilan 3, Meilan 3S, Meilan 5, Meilan 5s, Meilan 6, Meilan E, Meilan E2, Meilan E3, Meilan U10, Meilan U20,
Meilan Metal, Meilan Note2, Meilan Note5, Meilan Note6, Meilan MAX, Meilan S6, Meilan Pro5, Meilan M15
A53, A59, A59m, A59S, F1, N3, R1C, R7Plus, N5207, R9, R9Plus, R9S, R9SK, R9S Plus, R9T, R9M, R9TM, R11, R11Plus, r15
A37, A37M, R7, R7T, R7C, (bloc flash, pas recommandé d'acheter)

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