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Luminous Tape

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Scope of application: All kinds of fire exits, stage decoration, safety exit
Type: Luminous Tape
Substrate: PET
Thickness: 0.18 (mm)
Width: 12 (mm)
Short-term temperature resistance: 80 (°C)
Long-term temperature resistance: 60 (°C)


Luminous material luminous film product features:
  1. Short light storage time, large light receiving area, high luminous intensity, long afterglow time
  2. Easy cutting and wide use (can be used directly for printing, printing, engraving, etc.)
  3. No radiation, no pollution.
  4. Folding and flipping is easy, easy to transport and carry
5. Strong environmental adaptability (-10°C-40°C), not easy to age under strong ultraviolet radiation, long service life
6. The surface is evenly exposed, and the finish is good. 7. Tension and other technical indicators.


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