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Leg support recovery compression leg sleeve

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1. Use as a movable and recovery cannula: The Tcare compression cannula can be used as an active cannula and a recovery cannula. When used during a stroke, progressive compression reduces muscle vibration and reduces muscle fatigue. When used as a recovery cannula, increased blood flow helps oxygen-starved muscles recover faster than normal.


2. Material: The Tcare compression sleeve is made from a lightweight blend of 25% spandex and 75% Lycra. Spandex has excellent compression properties to maintain pressure on the lower leg. Lycra allows air to flow to the skin while allowing moisture to escape. Tcare compression sleeves are made from the most advanced weaving machines and are perfect from top to bottom.


3. Help the humeral splint and prevent injuries: Runners are prone to many common inflammatory injuries. The use of a CFR compression sleeve will help alleviate the pain of the tibial splint and prevent further injury. They provide true gradient compression. This ensures that increased blood is delivered to the muscle over the entire length of the cannula.


4. Scope: Suitable for football, running, tennis, volleyball, badminton, tennis, gym, Crossfit, etc. The best partner for this sport!


5. Check your optimal knee size: Best support for men and women - check the list of size tables. Choose the size that best suits you by measuring the circumference of your legs.



- Reduce pain in the tibial splint.

- Regained faster after the game.

- Reduce muscle fatigue during running.

- Especially suitable for athletes and other people who work on the feet all day.

- Protects from minor scratches and blows.

- Stimulate blood circulation and help you recover faster.

Who can benefit from the use of a calf compression sleeve?

Beginners and experienced fitness people

- Anyone who wants to improve performance, prevent injury or recover from old knee injuries

- Men and women


Table size:

Top width M: 33-41 cm / 13-16 inches; bottom width: 17-25 cm / 6.6-9.8 inches; length: 52 cm / 7.87 inches.

Width l-top: 35-43 cm / 13.7-16.9 inches; bottom width: 19-27 cm / 7.4 - 10.6 inches; length: 53 cm / 20.5 inches.

XL width at the top: 37-45 cm / 14.5-17.7 inches; bottom width: 21-29 cm / 8.2-11.4 inches; length: 54 cm / 21.2 inches.



1 piece * compression leg sleeve

Note: You only need 1 piece, if you need 1 piece = 2 pieces, please select the quantity 2.


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