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Ipega 9167 PG-9167 sans fil 4.0 manette de jeu Mobile pour IOS Android SmartPhone tablette PC Bluetooth manette de contrôle

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PG-9167 expandable wireless game controller from Winnipega, product supports direct play mode of Android / iOS, support for mobile game design, no need for redundant game platforms and settings complex and activation operations (support Android 6.0 or higher, iOS11.0 or higher).
Wired audio conversion module, does not affect the use of external wired audio, iphone 6 6 S 7 8 XR XS phone11 support for iPad tablet, Samsung support for Galaxy S9 / S9 + S10 / S10 + note10 OPPO R17 VIVO X23 X27 smartphone tablet.
Removable 【wear】 handle replacement, right handle can be removed and replaced, left handle can be used as one-handed handle (hot support grip), can be operated with one hand, or both hands.
【With telescopic function】 suitable for different sizes of equipment, horizontal stretching length 135-250mm, 5.5-10 inches, can be used to hold the new one for ipad pro tablet.
【Ergonomic design】 the product supports TURBO burst function, which allows players to get a better playing experience in the game. Ergonomic structure, comfortable to touch. Built-in lithium battery. After charging, it can be durable for 15 hours above.
1. The product adopts wireless 4.0 wireless solution, which supports direct play of iOS Android devices. Wireless connection does not require redundant gaming platforms and complicated activation settings and operations! Specifically to stimulate the design of PUBG battlefield mobile game directly connected to the game (support for Android 6.0 or more, iOS11.0 system or higher) 2. Exclusive downloadable application parameters custom button SHOOINGPLUS V3,
The product is equipped with a special telescopic mobile phone lever support (stretch degree le250mm) 3. Equipped with headphone audio conversion module, does not affect the use of external wired audio.
The right handle can be removed and replaced, and the left handle can be used as a one-handed handle (hot stand grip)
4. Android direct play mode unilateral operation is not supported, please use it in standard Android or IOS mode.
Weight: about 320g
Black color
Material: ABS
Connection Type: bluetooth
System support: Android, IOS
Battery capacity (mAh): 380 mAh
Charge Way: Usb Charge
Working time: 3 p.m.
Size: 22.5 cm x 12.7 cm x 4.8 cm

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