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H96 Max Rk3566 Set-top Box 8GB 64G Dual Frequency

$98.00 USD
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Product information:
Model: H96 Max 3566
Processor: H96 Max 3566
Memory: 8GB
System requirements: Android
Hard disk capacity: FLASH flash memory
Local storage: 32GB/64GB
Support memory card: CF
Output resolution: 1920x1080
Use environment: indoor
Interface: HDMI
Remote control: voice remote control
Color: 4GB/32GB (infrared version) European standard, 4GB/32GB (infrared version) US standard, 4GB/32GB (infrared version) British standard, 4GB/32GB (infrared version) Australian standard, 8GB/64GB (infrared version) European Standard, 8GB/64GB (Infrared version) US Standard, 8GB/64GB (Infrared version) British Standard, 8GB/64GB (Infrared version) Australian Standard, 8GB/128GB (Infrared version) European Standard, 8GB/128GB (Infrared version) US Standard, 8GB/128GB (infrared version) British standard, 8GB/128GB (infrared version) Australian standard, 4GB/32GB (audio version) European standard, 4GB/32GB (audio version) American standard, 4GB/32GB (audio version) English Standard, 4GB/32GB (voice version) Australian regulations, 8GB/64GB (voice version) European regulations, 8GB/64GB (voice version) US regulations, 8GB/64GB (voice version) British regulations, 8GB/64GB (voice version) Australia Regulations, 8GB/128GB (voice version) European regulations, 8GB/128GB (voice version) US regulations, 8GB/128GB (voice version) British regulations, 8GB/128GB (voice version) Australian regulations

Packing list:
Set-top box x1

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