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Electric shock masturbation device

$4.00 USD
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Model: electric shock masturbation orgasm sm torture
Color Classification: 1- 2 blue ring with wire, 2-bipolar buckle with wire, 3-spring buckle 2 ring, 4- with bead spring buckle 2 ring, 5-bipolar spring buckle 2 ring, 6-normal glans cover Ring, 7- large bead glans ring, 8--sized bead glans ring, 9-normal bipolar glans hood, 10-bead bipolar glans hood, 11-bead bipolar glans hood, 12-glan hood goggles A, 13-egg ring, 14-leather egg ring, 15-silicone 2 ring, 16-black 4 ring, 17-fabric 2 ring

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