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Devil's eye lenses to transform headlights

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Product advantages:
1. It is easy to install and can be removed directly.
2. Solve the problem that the devil's eye of traditional CCFL is difficult to install and easy to break
3. Wide versatility, suitable for all lens installation, 6 colors can be selected, deeper color
The installation method is below~
Note: this evil eye is equipped with a black bracket, which can be directly locked with screws for Visteon lens. In addition to the Visteon lens, the black bracket should be removed, and then the hard glue (such as AB glue) can be directly adhered to the lens, or it can be directly tied with iron wire.
Wiring mode: the black line is connected with the negative pole of the side lamp (small lamp), the red line is connected with the positive pole of the side lamp (small lamp), and the white line is close to the positive pole of the light lamp. When the low beam lamp is turned on, the devil's eye will be automatically extinguished, which can effectively prolong the life of the devil's eye.

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