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Aluminum alloy laptop desk foldable bed desk dormitory lazy radiator bracket standing desk

$9.95 USD
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420 and 480 :  without fan or mouse board.

420 + mouse board and 480 + mouse board:  with mouse board but without fan.

420 big fan and 480 big fan: with big fan and mouse board.

420 double fan and 480 double fan: 
with double fan and mouse board. 

Material] high quality bearing & magnesium alloy panel & bracket ABS high strength button & fan & USB extension wiring
[color] cool black rose red
[weight] 1.6
[Load bearing] can carry 15kg
[Warranty] one year warranty for non-human damage
[Surface Technology] Spraying
[foot length] 260 mm
[Number of legs] pcs 6 (3*2)
[Applicable computer] below 17’
[desktop adjustable height] 480 mm
[desktop adjustable angle] 360 degrees
[Desktop (length * width)] standard 420 * 260 mm length 480 * 260mm
[Size (when folded)] Standard 530*260 mm Lengthened 590*260mm
[Color box size] standard 540*270*46mm lengthened 600*270*46mm
[Outer box size] 10 one box Standard outer box size 560*49*280mm Lengthened outer box size 610*490*280
First, the product design is exquisite and exquisite workmanship.
The highly humanized laptop table, which is powerful and flexible, can be transformed like a Transformer for different venues, different uses, and different objects.
☆ Use occasions: bed, sofa, table top, carpet, grass
☆ Uses: computer desk, small desk, drawing board, flower stand
☆ Use object: adults, children
Second, a variety of posture, 360 degrees free rotation
Each of the three folding legs that can be rotated 360o has two legs like the lower limbs of the human body. Each leg has three branches, just like the paper, the beer, the calves and the thighs. So that A4 has the same flexibility, can sit, stand, squat, squat. According to different needs, adopt different postures, adapt to local conditions and serve you just right.
Third, a key lock change, you change.
The convenient and quick self-locking joint realizes a one-button lock and a fixed function, and is no longer required to be fixed by a rotating bolt such as a conventional computer desk. Strong
Solid and durable
One second lock" button technology, you can adjust at will with a single click. "Gear disk" design with precise scale
Accurate angle and height adjustments are easy.
By gently pressing the button, the joint is easily adjusted freely, and the angle and height can be adjusted freely;
Then release the button, the joint is like a point, and it is fixed in an instant.

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